Be it any business, big or small, the benefits of social media marketing are immense these days where everything in the world is going digital. It sounds overwhelming but you cannot ignore the importance of social media marketing as well. One can not only excel in business but also can outsell their peers if there is strategic and creative planning of marketing your business through social media.

Stats show that 50% SME’s aren’t using social media to promote their business, 25% don’t plan to use it in the future either and that is an alarming number certainly. You are seemingly disconnected from your business growth, clients reach, if you haven’t seen the benefits of social media marketing yet.

Just to elaborate on the benefit and help you understand why you should opt for social media marketing we have given an extensive guide and we are sure this will help you perceive how Social Media Marketing is beneficial for your business growth.

Top 10 benefits of social media marketing for business:

Note: There is no particular order in which the benefits are listed!

1. Brand recognition

The foremost marketing goal of any business is brand recognition. This enables the consumer to buy what they recognize. A brand is the face of your product or service and thanks to social media for easy and effective brand-building. It also helps in getting your brand in front of people and making it popular real quick. Placing your logo often, yet strategically on posts and pictures is a great way to create brand recognition though it should not be overpowering and disturbing.

2. Better Customer interaction –

One post of your new product, shoutout to companies you network with, asking clients open-ended questions, all of these and many other strategic posts will engage your audience and make them interactive. You start receiving healthy feedback and great reviews and this leads to trust-building and gives the audience a feeling of conversation with a human behind the brand which is most important for any business.

3. Curating Customer content and stories –

Higher engagement and conversion rates are proportional to customer success stories and feedbacks and the best platform to view both are social media. You can identify your brand mention and the tag, can share the customer interactions with your followers for more visibility and social proof. This is why a brand tag is important. By encouraging your customer to tag you in their content, you can uncover shareable posts that your viewers will love to see whilst also striking a connection with them.

4. Improvise your business through audience research –

With your business being marketed on social platforms, you reach out to your targeted audience and get a clear insight into the audience’s mood and demand. This information will help you tailor your business strategies accordingly.

5. Direct traffic to your website/blog – 

Making your website clickable and reach a larger chunk of the audience is only possible through social media. Not all of your web traffic is through search engines. Social media marketing helps in diversifying the inbound traffic streams.

6. Brand loyalty – 

The customer finds it easy and safe to connect with you when you have a social media presence. This connection with the customer makes you upsurge customer retention and loyalty as this is the USP of any business.

7. Stay at the top of the mind –

Every human these day frequently log on to their social media profiles now and then. Consistently engaging viewers with informative/entertaining posts will keep you on top of their minds so you are the priority when they are ready to make a purchase.

8. Generate leads – 

The reason behind the functioning of any business is to generate leads ultimately. An easy and cost-effective way for the potential customer to express interest in your product or service would be through social media marketing.

9. Boost sales –

Whatever be your product/service, social media will help you sell. Social accounts are the most crucial part of your sales funnel – the process of new contact becoming a customer. With the number of social media users increasing in number this is the time to align your social media marketing strategy and goals.

10. Cost-effective –

In the end, it is about the money you shell out of your pocket. Creating and signing up for an account on any social media platform is free and for paid advertisements, you can always start small. The amount and time you spend can attain good ROI and significantly increase your conversion rate if your social media marketing is strategically planned.

Final words

The crux of the matter is that you cannot ignore the impact/advantage of social media marketing on your business and regular updating of social media strategy will lead to business growth.

The competition is tough out there, act fast and see yourself grow!

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