This Girl Had The Worst Walk Of Shame Ever Through The Blizzard

The Scoop

Thankfully, that don’t prevent one girl in West Virginia from living the woman reality and obtaining some cold lovin’ while she could. Undating apps for couplestuitously on her behalf… some body had been truth be told there to fully capture this lady on camera during her “walk of pity” through tundra.

The Snapshot

the worst walk of pity the whole world and Blizzard Jonas has actually ever observed @OldRowOfficial @BarstoolBigCat pic.twitter.com/Dv6MxPj6nx

The Lesson:

If you are going out for some Netflix & chill hookups with this cold winter months, ensure you’re ready to walk through the current weather on route residence.

Also, in case you are holding, don’t kick some body from your house appearing like this. Drive through awkwardness and phone your own hookup a damn Uber. But damn, lady, we respect your trip.